World Health Organization claims: Good vaccine of Corona is coming, no need to inject

World Health Organization claims: Good covid vaccine of Corona is coming, no need to inject

A piece of good news is also coming out among the increasing cases of corona virus worldwide.

A top scientist of the World Health Organization says that a new and good vaccine from Corona is coming soon.

Its specialty is that the needle will not be needed to take its dose and at the same time there will be no need for the low temperature to keep it safe.

This new vaccine can also be stored at room temperature.

World Health Organization top scientist Soumya Swaminathan said that the vaccine could be ready for use this year or next year.

Saumya Swaminathan told Bloomberg in an interview that a clinical trial of six to eight vaccines is nearing completion and will be reviewed by the end of the year.

Within a year of the declaration of the corona epidemic, about 10 vaccines have arrived in the market and it is expected that the introduction of this new vaccine will help in fighting the epidemic.

The way new variants of corona are coming out, it seems that the world needs more and more corona vaccine.

According to data collected by Bloomberg, currently only 122 countries in the world are under vaccination operations. There are still many countries where the vaccine has not reached.

Saumya Swaminathan said, ‘We are happy that we have a lot of vaccines at the moment, but we can improve it further.

I think by 2022 we may get to see a lot of new corona vaccines.

‘ According to Soumya Swaminathan, the new vaccine can also be taken through the nose or mouth.

A special category (eg, pregnant women) will be greatly benefited by its arrival.

He said that currently more than 80 corona vaccines are being studied worldwide. However, some of these are still in the initial stages of testing.