when you rest and sleep less than 7 hours some facts

Sleeping Fact

Sleeping Fact

Sleep is vital to our health. The deficiency may also reduce the age. Sleep gives us a good feeling and also improves the mood. There should be a lot of sleep for a balanced life. If you have taken a good sleep, it is believed that your health is good. If it is not, your performance may be affected. If you see a moment while sleeping, it affects your heart condition. You may have migraine, sleep damage. Lack of sleep affects brain capacity.

Let us know some important things about sleep.

-One-third of our lives, that is, about 25 years, we spend asleep.

-Balanced sleep benefits the heart. It also improves memory.

-Babies spend six months sleeping in the early two years of their lives. This makes the parents miss six months of their child’s time.

-There is an 11-day record of spending the most time without sleep. The desire to live less than 7 hours of sleep decreases.

-Only half of the dolphin’s brain remains asleep while sleeping. Some deaf people invent the language of gestures in sleep. Lack of sleep can reduce weight by 2 pounds within a week.

  • A snail can sleep for 3 consecutive years. He is counted among the longest-term sleepers among the creatures.

-Many people can survive for two months without eating anything but cannot live more than 11 without sleep.

-There is a rule in Japan that you cannot sleep at work. It is considered to be in the category of theft.

-According to a study, people feel better sleep at the time of dark night, while sleep is bad at the time of full moon.

-Rabbits can also sleep by keeping eyes open. The interesting thing about sleep is that you can burn more calories than you keep watching TV.