The adverse effect of corona vaccine, are you hesitant too? Know the answer to every question related to your fear

There will also be a question of fear about the reaction after the vaccine.At the beginning of the first phase of vaccination, many people complained of the ‘adverse effect’ after the vaccine was applied.

Although such adverse effects were seen in fewer people.

Therefore, it is important to know what the Adverse Effect Following Immunization (AEFI) is and how common or unusual it is.

What is an adversary effect following immunization?


According to scientists, “any unforeseen medical problems in that person after being vaccinated are called Adverse Effect Following Immunization.

It can also be due to a chronic vaccine, it can also be caused by the vaccination process or by someone else. It can also happen for a second reason.

These are usually of three types – minor, serious and very serious. “

He told that most of these complaints are minor, which are called minor ads effect. In such cases, any kind of pain, swelling at the place of injection, mild fever, pain in the body, nervousness, allergies, and rashes are seen.

But some problems are also serious, which is considered a savior case. In such cases, the person vaccinated may have a high fever or complain of anaphylaxis.

Even in this case, there are no consequences that have to be suffered throughout life. Even in such a serious case, admission to the hospital is not required.

Corona vaccine

Corona vaccine

But in a very severe adversarial effect, there is a possibility of getting the vaccinated person admitted to the hospital.

They are considered as serious cases. In such a case, life can be lost or a person may have to face some kind of trouble for life.

There are very few cases of very serious adverse effects. But this affects the entire vaccination campaign.

After the vaccination campaign in the world so far, only a small number of people need admission to the hospital.

According to the doctor, some such adversarial effects are seen in every vaccination campaign. It is normal to get such adversus effect in the entire vaccination campaign from 5 to 10 percent.

What is anaphylaxis?

when a person gets severe allergic reactions after vaccination, then the condition is called anaphylaxis.

Vaccination is not the reason for this.

Even if you are allergic to any drug, this type of trouble is seen in a person.



For such a condition, injection is used in the Adverse Effect Following Immunization Kit. By the way, such a need is rarely available.

These severe cases are covered under the effect.

What happens in the Adverse effect following the immunization process?

Protocols are preordained for adversary effect following immunization.

In the case of such adversarial effects, the doctors and staff at the vaccination center are given the training to deal with the emergency.

He told that every person is asked to wait at the vaccination center for 30 minutes after getting vaccinated, so that any kind of adverse effect can be monitored.

A kit has been prepared for this at every vaccination center, in which it is said that some injections, water-drip drip, and the remaining essentials are necessary to deal with the condition of anaphylaxis.

To avoid such a situation, it is important to keep the vaccine properly protected, before getting the vaccine, complete information about the medical history of the person should be taken.

In the case of allergy to a drug, according to the rules of the Government they cannot be vaccinated with Corona.

Serious Adverse Effect

Not only this, if someone dies due to very serious or serious effects, then it will be investigated according to the International and National AEFI Guidelines, for which there is a panel of doctors.

If the person was not admitted to the hospital after vaccination in the Sirius case, then it has been said that a postmortem can be done with the consent of the family in the case. If the family is not ready for this, then a separate form needs to be filled and investigated.

If there is a death on hospitalization due to severe adverse effects after vaccination, then according to the guidelines, the entire process should be investigated in detail.

By investigation, it is established that the effect is due to a drug used in the effective vaccine, or due to a problem in the quality of the vaccine, or due to an error in the course of vaccination, or due to some other combination.

Has happened to

According to the World Health Organization, the cause of the disturbances in each adversary effect following immunization was informed as soon as possible.

What is the effect of Adverse effects?

According to Dr., head of Human Trial, “Currently the protocols for adversarial effect following immunization are based on the trial data so far.

Such protocols are usually prepared on the basis of long-term trial data.

On the basis of this Adverse Effect Following Immunization Protocol has been prepared.

Does every vaccination campaign have the same adversarial effect?

It is not that after every vaccine, only one kind of adversarial effect can be seen.

Sometimes the symptoms are different.

It depends on what is the method of making the vaccine and what is the immunity of the body that is being applied.

For example, after giving BCG vaccine, there is a blister-like bulge at that place.

In the same way, some children have a mild fever after the DPT vaccine.

There is no visible effect on giving oral polio drop.

In which children and pregnant women across the country are vaccinated.

Vaccination campaign definitely has a bad effect of a single effect.

Do people panic when taking the vaccine? Is this a reason for vaccine sensitivity?

Adverse effect

By the way, Vaccine Hesitancy is not directly related to Adverse Effect.

There are many reasons for the hesitation about the vaccine.

The most important reason is that people do not know the correct information about the vaccine.

People are hesitant to vaccinate even if there are questions related to vaccine safety and efficacy.

Often this reluctance is seen in people when the vaccine starts, then it decreases with the passage of time.

But if there is something serious about the Adverse effect, then people can abstain from getting vaccinated, otherwise these minor conditions are part of the normal procedure.

Question about vaccine using mRNA technique?

At this time, the government of different countries has approved nine vaccines of Corona at this time.

Two of these are the Fiser and the Modarna vaccine mRNA vaccine.

The vaccine manufactured with this technology is being used on humans for the first time. According to Dr. Some serious adverse effects have been reported after their vaccination.

The remaining four vaccines are made by inactivating the virus,

The remaining vaccines are Oxford AstraZeneca (Covishield) and Sputnik, they are called vectors vaccines.

Apart from the mRNA vaccine, no serious adverse effects have been reported in the use of any other vaccine.