keep in mind when buying a health insurance policy

Spending on health is continuously increasing and now millions of rupees are being spent in treating minor illnesses. 

In such a situation, it is important to get health insurance policy on time. 

This helps reduce the load on your pocket.

“What is health insurance needs policy?  

The statistics of the Central Health Department show that 80 percent of cases in medical emergency cases go bad due to money problems. 

In the event of an accident, not only do you have to spend money on treatment, but your earning capacity also decreases. 

Accordingly, the accidental person gets double killed.

Health insurance proves helpful for you in this situation. 

health insurance policy
health insurance policy

1. Money is not wasted.

Many people consider taking mediclaim or health insurance a waste of money.

If you don’t need to take the claim, it is a very good thing. 

There is no option to stay healthy and stable, but if you ever need it, it can save you from getting a hole in your pocket.

After paying a nominal premium, it is sensible to take a health cover of five to seven lakh rupees.

2. Compare then buy health insurance

carefully understand its condition before taking a health plan. 

If you do not understand yourself by reading, then seek the help of someone you know. Comparison is available on the online site and the details of the plans of all the companies are available. 

Understand every clause in the health insurance policy carefully, then pay the premium. Buy the plan by understanding the liability of the company in case of critical illness, pre-existing disease, and accident. 

3. In case of investing less premium on early purchase, 

it is said that starting early helps in making a big asset. In the case of health cover, it is said that if you take cover soon, you will have to pay a lower premium. 

If you take cover before the age of 40, then you can get maximum benefit without any condition. 

Young people usually have fewer illnesses. In this sense, the insurance companies keep the premiums low for them. 

By renewing it on time every year, you will continue to get the benefit of No Claim Bonus. A married person of a middle-income group should take a cover of at least five lakh rupees. 

4. Honesty is the best policy, 

while taking a health insurance policy, give the correct information about your medical records to the insurance company. 

If you give some wrong information, then the health insurance company can refuse to give you the claim, due to which you will face problems during the treatment. 

It is wrong to hide chronic diseases while taking a health plan.

Clearly tell the insurance company even if you have to pay a higher premium. 

Take all the information and then make a decision with thought the claim of indigestion during or after treatment has a bad effect on the brain, so do not let it happen. 

5. What is not included, it is necessary to know

That some things are not included in medical insurance . 

Every insurance company has its own rules and according to that, the company designs the policy. 

Before purchasing a health insurance policy, understand what is not included in it. In some policies, the cover of serious diseases can be taken under the rider, in some, coverage is not available in case of an accident due to domestic reasons. Buy the policy only by clearing all these things.

6. Do not take a policy on an already ongoing disease.

If you have taken a critical illness plan that requires long-term treatment, then claiming in this situation means that your premium is constantly increasing. 

Do not get caught in this trap of taking a new health insurance policy

Take a policy that can be renewed at any time in life. When health cover financial security cost of treating diseases in older , keep this in mind. 

the attack of diseases is also more at an older age and usually there is no money to get treatment. 

7. Do not take the plan with limit / sub limit .

Avoid the limit like room rent limit in the hospital. It is not in your hand which room you should be kept in during your treatment. 

It is not right for you to set any sub-limit by the health insurance company and health insurance policy for the expenses. While purchasing a health policy, keep this in mind and do not take such a policy. 

Does your health insurance policy give you adequate cover ?

Due to the rapidly increasing number of accidents , infectious and infection-related insurance regimens and lifestyle changes, many people continue to require frequent treatment. 

health insurance policy
health insurance policy

In the last few years, most people have seen many of their family members being hospitalized.

Increased spending and impact 

While on the one hand there is progress at a rapid pace in the field of health care and medical treatment with optimistic results, on the other hand, the cost of treatment is also increasing rapidly. 

According to a report by Marsan Marsh Benefits , the level of medical trend rates in India is expected to increase at twice the rate of inflation.

In general terms , while the inflation rate in India is around 5% , the medical trend rate can be around 10% . 

The medical trend rate estimates per capita expenditure on the basis of inflation. 

Several studies show that every year, millions of people are slipping below the poverty line due to the increasing pressure of unrestrained health spending.

Many people have decent savings in this. But the untimely medical expenses clean up all their savings , due to which their financial goals can suffer a big setback. 

Health insurance is the solution 

It is advisable to get health insurance to avoid emergency health expenses . 

Such solutions provide relief in the event of an emergency. In this policy, along with the expenses of hospitalization, the cost of treatment, medical care, tests, and medicine should also be included. 

Tax Benefits

Along with all the benefits of health insurance, you also get tax rebate. 

On health insurance , you can get exemption under section 80D . 

Keep these things in mind:

There are many types of health insurance policies available in the market to cater to the different needs of different customers . 

Before finalizing any insurance policy, make sure what is best for you and your family. Keep in mind that you need a personal cover or family floater. 

Also, see who comes to the hospital under the health insurance policy policy, an insured’s waiting period to cover Ri, etc. 

The company covers can also be reduced 

if you are between jobs and you or your family any person any such insurance is in danger of Ri, must be admitted to the hospital, then in such situation what would you do The Also, where will you go after you retire from active services? 

Keeping in mind such a variety of insurance needs, many insurance companies, including Liberty General Insurance, have included many special features in their policy.