If you are aware, Corona will stay away from you.

some steps

Postpone travel abroad for 2 years

1 year stop eating out

Only go without you in marriage and other ceremonies

Needless travel

Do not visit the crowded place for at least 1 year.

Completely follow the physical distance criteria

Follow social distancing

Away from a person who has a cough

Properly applied face mask, the entire face should be covered in the nose and mouth

Make Sakari food a priority

Take various remedies to increase immunity, take home remedies

Absolutely avoid going to the barber shop or the beauty parlor

The danger of corona is not going to end soon. Be careful and stay safe.

Coronavirus worn by the ring wristwatch can be a good place to hide

If it is necessary to go outside, take a sufficient amount of sanitized tissue paper in place of handkerchief

Keep your shoes out after coming from outside

Clean your hands and feet when you come home from outside

When you feel that you have come in contact with a suspected patient, take a full bath and go to the Asura Self Isolation

Do you know corona has 3 stages

The first phase is only half a day of nasal corona

recovery, it usually does not have fever and is characterized by asymptomatic corona.

What is the treatment

Inside it, we should do steam inhalation and take vitamin C.

Second stage sore throat

Recovery time is 1 day

What is the treatment

Gargle hot water; take hot water to drink; if you have fever, take paracetamol; if severe, use vitamin c vitamin b complex antibiotic.

third step

Lung cough

Its recovery time is four to 5 days, coughing and forgetting breath

What is the treatment

Gargle with hot water, take warm water, take vitamin C, vitamin B complex amol and consume lemon with lukewarm water, check it with the same meter rather if you have oxidized it then you can call home in any drugstore or take home delivery. You can call in PHC, do my breathing yourself. If the problem is serious, then ask for oxygen cylinder and get the promis online from the doctor.

Corona should have the necessary medical kit at home

The first is paracetamol

The second is for Betadine Goggle Mouthwash

Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Vitamin b complex

Capsules for steam

pulse oximeter

Operation Cylinder Only Agency Time

Exercises for deep breathing

Hot Water Association lemon

By going lemon with warm water, the virus ends before it reaches the lungs. To take this, make other relatives aware with the family as well. People will be aware that the people will be aware Corona will win the fight in the easier Therefore it is necessary to take precaution

If you are not being treated with household goods and exercise, then there is some list stage to bring you to the hospital.

Keep checking your oxygen level with an oximeter. If it comes near 92 means 100. If you have signs of corona like fever, breathlessness, etc., you will need an oxygen cylinder. Contact the nearest health care center immediately.

Also note

5 minutes of coronavirus is from 5.5 PH to 8.8 ph so all we need to do to eliminate the virus is eat alkaline foods at the level of thirteen

Like bananas

Green lemon