Biden’s big win, US Congress approves $ 1.9 trillion covid relief bill package

Covid relief bill

The US Congress on Wednesday approved President Joe Biden’s massive $ 1.9 trillion covid relief package.

This is seen as a major victory for President Joe Biden.

Biden called the package an opportunity to fight for the millions of families and businesses that suffered during the epidemic.

This $ 1.9 trillion covid relief package is one of the largest relief packages in the US, which has been prepared after months of hard work.

This huge economic package will affect every aspect of the world’s largest economy with the security and expansion of the social security fabric of the country in the coming years.

Democrats said a historic moment after the bill was approved, Democrats said that in times of crisis in front, the center has given vaccine distribution, $ 1400 incentive to Americans, unemployment for millions, and the passing of this package for healthcare Moment.

The bill passed 220–211 in the House of Republicans.

Not a single Repubalicans voted in support of the bill.

The bill will be sent to the White House after Biden signs his signature from Congress on Friday.

President Joe Biden will sign it on Friday, after which it will become law.

The Biden relief package remains a priority.

As the bill passed, the President said in a statement that “This bill is the backbone of this country.

It is a fighting opportunity for the toiling essential workers who make this country, and for those who always keep this country ahead.”